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Mar 19, 2014

Children's Day Logo Contest

Children's Day 2013 LogoChildren's Day 2013 Logo


Children's Day is one of G.Willkers! favorite days of the year!!

As always this years Children's Day will be held on the first Sunday in May, which will be Sunday, May 4th, 2014.

As is tradition, Pro Portsmouth, which is the organizer of Children's Day, is having a contest to create the Logo for this years events! If your child might be interested, check out the Pro Portsmouth website for more information. Below is a short overview of the guidelines!! We think there's a lot of little artists out there that might have a ball with this contest- what better than to see your design up all over town!! 



Here are a few guidelines for 2014:

  • Artists under age 12 are eligible to submit drawings and designs
  • Please use a MAXIMUM of 4 colors
  • The image should be drawn and submitted on 8.5” x 11” paper
  • You can use colored paper, markers, crayons and colored pencils to create your design – the key: the image must be flat (so it can be scanned into a computer)
  • The deadline for submission is Friday, March 28th
  • Ideas: Show us what the day means to you…fill in the blank: “Children’s Day is BLANK”; try to incorporate the year 2014.
  • Get creative – your drawings should be festive, fun and recognizable.

Please submit your entries to:   
Pro Portsmouth, Inc.
P.O. Box 967

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Mar 19, 2014


In honor of women's history month, we wil be featuring several of our favorite women owned and/or operated businesses on the blog over the next few weeks.

Today we start with one of our favorite toy companies; eeBoo !

Eeboo; Tot Tower: EeBoo's Animal Tot Tower. A longtime favoriteEeboo; Tot Tower: EeBoo's Animal Tot Tower. A longtime favorite


This wonderful company was started about 18 years ago by President and Creative Director, Mia Galison. Eeboo toys and games have always been a favorite at G.Willikers! Their bright and colorful designs appeal to kids of all ages, and their un-official slogan "get down on the floor and play (with your kids)" shines through in all their designs. While we love the company's commitment to working only with small stores, what appeals to us even more is they have continually offered an assortment of well-made, interactive, educational toys for $25 or less (with most of their line well below $20).

Eeboo toys encourage imaginative play. They don't interact with your child, but let your child explore their own imagination and interact with the world around them. For example; a ballerina spinner game encourages dress up, a community game lets them see their own community and environment through new eyes, and the art supplies lets kids discover and explore the beauty of the world around them as well as their own imaginary world. There's no question why they are such a popular brand!

To learn more about this wonderful company and it's owner, read this article. We think you'll end up loving them as much as we do!

If you're interested in some great and free craft ideas, make sure you check out the Eeboo Blog    

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Mar 14, 2014

Nearby Registry

Have you heard about Nearby Registry?

Nearby Registry: click to go to site 

They are a New Hampshire company started by a young enterprising woman. When Allison Grappone and her husband got married in 2009, they searched for a wedding registry site that allowed them to support their favorite local businesses. When they couldn't fine one she decided to create her own. 

We're excited to start working with them, and we would love to know if you have heard of them, and what products and/or services you'd like to see from us on their site. 

Check out the video below as well as the Nearby Registry site to learn more. 








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Mar 14, 2014

Lottie Dolls

Lottie: Lottie playing in the snow on Market SquareLottie: Lottie playing in the snow on Market Square

If you have been looking for a doll promoting a healthy body image for your child, then let us introduce you to Lottie!

A lot of research was applied to her development. The company carried out 18 months of research in her development. They met with young girls, child psychologists, industry experts, parents, nutritional specialist, etc. This resulted in a product that resembles a childlike body, promotes a healthy self image, has tangle free hair and clothing, as well as many other great features. 

To learn more about Lottie check out their website HERE

or on Facebook at LOTTIE


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Mar 12, 2014

Dado Cubes by Fat Brain Toys

Dado Cubes are a wonderful, USA Made, product that promotes independent play, imagination and building skill. 
For a limited time they are marked down 20%, so now is a great time to come in and try this toy. We think you'll love it! 


Dado cubes: Dado Cubes

Here's what the manufacturer has to say about the product...

2008 Dr. Toy 10 Best Active Products

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