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"Play is the real work of childhood."  Fred Rogers

As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles & teachers we know this to be true. We remember the books & toys in our lives that mattered, that brought us joy, that kept us company, that connected us with our siblings or friends. We remember the toys that we coveted but never received.

Creative, Imaginative Books & Toys

Think about it. Books open children's minds to new ideas and toys give children an outlet to express their newly forming emotions and allow us to take what we see in the big world and bring it down to a scale that we can understand and control. Reading and being read to allow children to experience a range of emotions within a protective environment. Open-ended toys, toys that allow a child to build or create without a predetermined outcome, can foster positive self-esteem and a pride in their own individuality.

Psychology aside, toys are fun! They make us smile and we at G.Willikers! are proud to have so many things that can make people smile.

Quality Toys Since 1978

Since 1978, we have made it our top priority to listen to our customers and to ourselves when selecting the products that we display. We are proud that we still carry brands that we did the year we opened. Brands that have adapted over the years, like we have; companies who continue to service their customers and who listen to the marketplace while maintaining their focus on quality and originality. These companies, mostly small, have served as examples to our family that a good idea is worth preserving. That a close relationship with people is more important and more lasting than focusing on the bottom line.

We are also thrilled to be in an industry that embraces creativity and technology. Where an old idea can spawn innovation. Where science can inspire wonder and where green technology can be fun!

Visit Our Toy Store in Portsmouth, NH

The toys, books and other children's products that we showcase at G.Willikers! Toy Shop are personal to us and we hope that shows in our enthusiasm. We invite you and your family to our toy store on Market St. in Portsmouth, NH to have some fun, be together and most importantly, to play!

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