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Product Safety

The safety of our customers, large and small, has been a guiding principle at our family business since 1978.

Just like moms, dads and all care givers are forced to reevaluate what is in their toy box at home, we at G.Willikers! are having to make many of the same decisions.


We Pledge to:

  1. Immediately remove all recalled products from our shelves

  2. Provide as much safety & recall information in the store as possible

  3. Contact manufacturers we currently do business with and get a statement regarding their safety and testing procedures

  4. Continue to look for manufacturers with excellent safety records and frequent product testing, both at home and abroad

We take very seriously our responsibility to maintain safe practices and safe products in our store and we'll remain vigilant to help ensure you have a fun and worry-free experience at G. Willikers! Toy Shop.

For more information on the products we carry, please call us at (603) 436-7746 or visit us.  We'd love to meet you!
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