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Perfect gifts for 10 year olds

G. Willikers! offers a great selection of toys and games for kids of every age. Below are some of our favorites for 10 year olds.

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With 26 awards, Blokus, which was launched in 2000, is now the most award-winning game of the 21st century! It certainly gets the G.Willikers! award as one of our favorite strategy games.


Settlers of Catan by Mayfair games

The players in the game represent settlers establishing colonies on the island of Catan. Players build settlements, cities, and roads to connect them as they settle the island.  Over 15 million games in the Catan series have been sold and the game has been translated into thirty languages from the original German.  This game is well suited for family play, since no one gets eliminated, and players who are behind can strive towards goals that are within their reach.
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