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Perfect gifts for 11+ year olds

G. Willikers! offers a great selection of toys and games for kids of every age. Below are some of our favorites for 11+ year olds.

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Rubik's Cube

Our Rubik's Cube lovers are excited about this latest challenge! invented in 1974 by the Hungarian professor of architecture Ernö Rubik. Some people may remember it as the "Magic Cube".


Pogo Sticks by SBI

Jump for joy with these colorful and well designed pogo sticks. SBI Pogo Sticks is the oldest and largest manufacturer of Pogo Sticks in the U.S. so their expertise in Pogo Sticks is the best.


Encyclopedia of Immaturity vol. 2 by Klutz

In addition to thought-provoking topics like What We Talk About When We Talk About Wedgies, the book includes detailed directions for how to: fake a cold, slide down a banister, balance a ping pong ball on your nose, send a toiletgram, throw a sloshie, and more. It’s all new and all hopelessly goofy.

Metal Works models by Fascinations

These incredibly detailed metal models will have older kids (and adults) creating some of the world's most famous landmarks and popular sites.The lighthouse shown here is approximately 3.5" inches tall when complete.
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